Anchor Church Wedding Policy

Weddings at Anchor Church. We at Anchor Church are excited for you and your new journey.  We know that this can be a stressful time planning for your wedding.  Our goal is to promote Christian marriage and Christian families.  We hope that our simple and straightforward policy answers any questions you have about a wedding with Anchor Church.

Cost: $200 Checks should be made payable to the pastor officiating and conducting the premarital counseling. The cost covers both premarital counseling ($100) and the marriage ceremony ($100).  Couples who get married by a pastor at Anchor Church will need to go through a 6 session premarital class performed by the officiating pastor.

Pre-marital counseling: The pre-marital counseling is designed to allow couples to gain a better understanding of each other, their future marriage and prepare them for a lifetime of love and happiness as they serve God together.  Couples will receive a personality profile, budgeting resources and a personalized wedding day sermon.
Week 1:  Intro to Marriage
Week 2:  Roles in Marriage
Week 3:  Handling Conflict
Week 4:  Finance
Week 5:  Sex
Week 6:  Wedding Day Planning

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